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Could anyone help me pick out compatible parts at a good value for a low budget gaming rig costing in the $400 range? I am looking to play 2000-2010 era games. Thanks!
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  1. Do you need to buy windows, monitor, keyboard, or mouse?
  2. Probably should have included that. Keyboard/mouse/OS/monitor excluded!
  3. 720p or 1080p?

    1080p will be a stretch for $400

    You could go with an AMD A10-5800k/6800k and you wouldn't need a video card.

    A Pentium g3220 would be plenty for older games.
  4. I am sadly not knowledgeable in choosing components, my apologies. I am using a friend for physically building the computer, I just need to pick out the parts :)
    So on top of the AMD A10-6800k I just need any 8gb RAM card, 1tb, a motherboard, case, and power supply?
    Would you be able to suggest me the wattage of power supply, and a suitable motherboard?
    Thanks a bunch
  5. 720p or 1080p?
  6. 720p works
  7. Best answer
    Then an A10-5800k or 6800k combined with 1866mhz RAM would be fine.
  8. A10-5800k for $99 -
    A10-6800k is $30 more and may not be worth the extra $$$. I've seen it for as low as $109, but not today unfortunately.
  9. Yes they are compatible but just a few things-
    The A10 is $30 cheaper on
    2 4GB RAM sticks are better than 1 8GB stick. Try to get 1866mhz if possible. The A10's graphics will work much better with the faster RAM in dual channel.
    I really recommend a fm2+ motherboard if you can get one. The A10 will work with it, and you could upgrade to Kaveri next year if you wanted to. Kaveri is supposed to be REALLY good.
  10. thanks for all of the help
  11. I just built a pc using the A10 6800k, 2x4GB 1866mhz RAM, and a fm2+ motherboard and I'm very happy with it. This setup will game nicely @ 720p.
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