New CPU/MOBO PSU Question.

Hey guys, first of all i want to thank everyone who has been helping me the last few weeks!
But just to check everything and make sure its all in order, my current PSU is 600W is that enough to sustain my build?

GTX 760
Asus Maximus VI Hero
8GB Ram
1x SSD
2x HDD

I think its more then enough but just to make sure i'm not missing anything!
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    Yes those are great components. 600w is plenty.
  2. Like what CTurbo said 600w is good enough for your build. Given that you wont SLI in the future then you are good :D :-bd
  3. Well i'm not sure about SLI! But not in the near future anyways! That means i won't have to buy a new PSU for now. Thanks guys!
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