Which option is the best for now and the future? Upgrade 660 or SLI?

I have a Geforce 660 OC 2gb gpu currently and with cyber monday was thinking of upgrading to a 760 or 770. Does it make more sense in the short and long term to upgrade than to configure an SLI setup?

Also, does anyone know if it is beneficial to buy a GPU on cyber monday, wait until closer to x-mas, or even after the new year? I am new to the PC gaming world, so I haven't paid attention to how prices fluctuate over time yet. Thanks

set up

azRock z4 extreme
i5 3330 Quad @3ghz
seagate ST4000 Sata3 4TB drive
geforce windforce GTX 660 OC

I also have 2 ASUS VG24 monitors, and am getting a third one soon to run surround display. I also use 3D on occasion but plan on using it more with the surround display setup.

Thanks for your help!
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    There is simple answer. For 3 monitor you kind need more memory than 2GB.
    Then 760 or 770? Well it depend lot on budget. 760 is in SLI really fast. Faster than one 780 or titan.
    You can OC 760 to mach 770 performance. But if you OC 770 it is faster. How much is other story.
    Not much. But here is good deal GTX 770 4GB card.

    and 760 4GB card.

    If go SLI then you need good psu. (big enough)
    And yor cpu is not maybe best but you can upgrade it to K version or Xeon 1230V2 if you do not want to OC.
    This is LGA 1155 build?

    Then other option is get R9 280x or R9 290. But you want 3D so it is not a option for you.
    But they work really well with eyeinfinity with 3 monitors.
  2. Since you are going with surround you should aim for a 4gb 770 if you want it to last more than just a year.
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