Good PCI sound card for WIn 7

Needing a good sound card to fit in a PCI slot in older HP/MSI motherboard w/o onboard audio. Will only connect some external powered speakers in two-channels. Not many PCI choices and found many cards with more than 2 channels but had a jack I could use. 2 channel only cards I found were much higher cost which can't do.
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    This card has several reviews claiming ease of use and Windows 7 compatibility in both 32 and 64 bit environments:
  2. Well, ASUS still has a LOT of cards on the PCI slot, including their best card, the Essence ST:
  3. Just got the Xonar DG PCI card by ASUS and installed in my Windows 7 Ultimate system. Installed the drivers from the included cd and they work perfectly! Amazing sound.
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