Need help finding a good PSU.

Which one is better out of these three and why?
Corsair Tx850v2
Seasonic M12II 850
XFX P1-850S-NLB9

Thank you.
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  1. As far as I know they are all Seasonic units either way. I guess whatever one has a higher rating grade would be best(bronze/silver/gold/platinum).
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    They are all incredibly good PSU's...a number of factors will come into play when deciding which to get. Since they are all solid PSU's, you can look at more trivial matters. What will work best with the colors in your build? Which has the best cable management? Highest 80+ Rating? Which one is the cheapest?
  3. ALL quality well built units by SEASONIC , all are good choices.
  4. I hope you are running two video cards. Or else you are buying WAY to much PSU.
  5. Go for whatever is cheaper. They all are very good PSU.
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