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Hey there I'm planning on getting this desktop sometime in the next few months. My main usage of this computer will be for gaming. I know that Intel Hd Graphics or any of the ones that i may upgrade to during purchase( 4GB Nvidia GeForce GT640 [DVI, DP, HDMI, VGA via adapter; DX11] or 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 645 [DVI, DP, HDMI, DVI to VGA dongle; DX11]) aren't all that good for gaming. So I was wondering what graphics card should i upgrade to and why? My price range is about 100-200 dollars. Thanks!
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  1. for 200$ R9-270X or GTX 760 is the best option. you can get the R9-270 too for 20-30$ less its just an underclocked R9-270X.
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    I don't see a power supply rating for that system, you need to find out what type of power supply is in it before you can check for a new video card for it.
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