What thermal paste should I get? Hyper 212+ 3570k

I just purchased the CM Hyper 212+ on sale for $25. I am using an i5 3570k and I plan on overclocking to the heat sink's and CPU's full capability. What thermal paste do you recommend I get? How much better is it than the stock CM thermal apse that comes with the 212?
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  2. I have used arctic silver 5 with 3570K and hyper 412. Runs at 4.5 G at 72 C at full load. Room ambient temp 26 C
  3. Arctic Silver 5 is what I use, but honestly, the paste that comes with the 212 will work perfectly fine. Unless you get the most expensive top of the line paste, the differences between pastes is only a couple degrees, if that. I'd say if you don't have any on hand, don't go out of your way to get special thermal paste, the stuff that comes with your heat sink will do fine.
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