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I am thinking of buying a HP M6 15.6 Inch M6 1TB 8GB Laptop from argos for my daughter to play THE SIMS 3 game.The spec is as follows..AMD A Series A8-5550M processor.
2.1GHz processor speed.
1000GB hard drive.
Microsoft Windows 8..according to other info it has a Dedicated graphics card.
8550G graphics card..can anyone tell me if it will play this game. thanks
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    an A8 APU will be plenty for playing the Sims3. you won't be able to crank the graphics to maximum, but you'll get decent performance nontheless
  2. Ok thanks .Was a bit weary of AMD as have always had intel and the fact of it being a laptop made me ask the question even though both the cpu and graphics card have a fair rating on the PassMark site. But a "little knowledge is a dangerous thing" so I thought I'd ask the professionals before I paid out for a pair of them. These cost about £500 each so if you know of something that would do the job better for around the same price please let me know. Thanks again
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