Graphics card temperature normal?

I have a Sapphire 7970 vaporX edition and im trying to mine litecoins with it. Problem is the temperatures gets up to 74-75 and stays there constantly. Is this temperature safe at all for my card or should i set the intensity a bit lower? Also if i mine 24/7 will it damage the card in the long run? Thanks.
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    that's normal for a high intensity application such as litecoin mining.

    I'm not gonna lie, running it 24/7 WILL damage the card, at least slightly. I'd say you can expect 2-3 years out of the card if you do this. the point of mining virtual currency is of course to make up the difference in cost and make a profit while doing it
  2. That temp is fine my GTX 560 reaches 90 C while gaming (Happy a crappy fan) and the max temp of my GTX560 is about 110 C according to nvidia i wont be surprised if Ati have a similar Max temp i think start to worry when you hit 85 plus.
  3. How long should i keep mining for? When should i take breaks and how long should i take? I didnt buy this card for mining so im not really looking to payback the cost of the card by mining litecoins. Also whats the average lifespan for this card?

    EDIT: Is investing in a second hand 7970 where im going to purely use it for mining worth it?
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