Is this GTA 4 FPS normal?

Hi, everyone. I recently bought my new PC. With all settings maxed out in GTA 4 I can get max 70 FPS. My specs are:

Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X 3GB GDDR5

1280x1024 monitor (just for now :P :))

Is this normal?

P.S: I know that the game is horribly optimized and so on, but I still have to ask.
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  1. Yes, nothing un-normal about it. 720p vs 1080p is a big difference in fps.
  2. you not happy with 70fps on a 4 year old game?
  3. I'm happy, just asking. In any other games I'm getting 100+ FPS with this monitor :D and the card has a little coil whine. But I'll replace the monitor when I have the opportunity.
  4. Guys, today I installed Icenhancer 2.1 to my GTA IV and I'm getting like 40 when all maxed out. Is this normal since the game customization is very poor?

    My avg, FPS is 47.
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    Yes, GTA IV is very badly optimized, and ICEnhancer makes it even more demanding, so your framerates are about what I would expect for your GPU. Getting a perfect 60FPS in regular GTA IV is pretty much impossible at max settings, let alone with ICEnhancer.
  6. But is my GPU good?
  7. Your GPU is quite good, and should max out most games at 1080p resolution. You shouldn't need to upgrade anytime soon unless you want to max out games at 4k resolution or something like that.
  8. Well is there anyone getting constant 60 FPS on max settings with Icenhacner 2.1?
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