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I have bought a msi laptop recently with win 7 (64 bit), I can connect to my home network through cable, however, the problem is that I cant access the network wirelessly, the wireless botton is on and I see my home network but the attempt to network connection fails! can anybody give me a clue? thanks in advance
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    make sure your not connected via wired while trying the wireless connection. Verify you are using the correct password when connecting. Do you get an error when the connection fails? Are you connected to the wireless router and just not getting to the outside world or are you not getting connected to the wireless router?
  2. thanks for your consideration, you were almost right, the password! when I reset my router, I had not set new wireless password through the wireless section, after all, I could figure out that where should I apply the changes (since the wireless bottom of router was on and there was nothing wrong with it) .
    About the error they're not very useful most of times as you know. in this case I received the notification that "there is a problem with your access point" which did not direct me to the answer. :)
    by the way, thanks for your time.
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