Help with Choice of Hardware Please? Recomendations Invited.

Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to put my home office PCs behind a new (seperate) router so as to seperate them from my home network of laptops and smartphones.

Can anyone recomend a suitable bit of hardware to securely and reliably do the job?

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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  1. kristianAA said:
    You looking a pc that you can game a little or you just looking with what you can read emails, surf net, whatch bue ray movies etc...

    Its a router I'm after so I can seperate my office PC's from my home network. The office pcs just access web and emails. No gaming or movies etc.
  2. Putting in a router is kinda overkill. You can restrict access very easily in the windows firewall on the machine and set it to not allow and communication with other devices in your network other than the main router.

    You could I guess buy a hardware firewall and do the same thing if you really wanted to.

    A simple router only to a point will block the access because of the nat. You would still have to put in firewall type rules to really block all the traffic.

    Because it makes things so complex to put in another router I would try the simple solution of firewall rules on your client machine and see if it will meet your needs.
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