3 monitors, could i damage my GCard?

Hi, my question is this. I have a Radeon HD 5770 that I Duel Screen, and I recently come into possession of a 3rd monitor and was Wondering if a 3rd Monitor would be to much of a work load for my Graphics card and in turn potentially damage it. I do alot of gaming and don't have a-lot of cash so If I were to lose my Gcard now, I might not be able to get another for a long time.

My monitor setup is :
Screen 1 : Westinghouse 40" 1080p
Screen 2 : Samsung 20" 75Hz
Potential 3rd screen : HP 20"
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    You won't lose your graphics card adding a 3rd monitor. You would only slow down your FPS rate if you had the 3rd monitor on the card.
  2. Any idea on how low my FPS could drop with the addition of a 3rd screen for a Game such as WoW with Max Settings?
  3. nope, try using fraps for stuff like that.
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