CPU Louder Than Usual

I built this PC in 2009. It's louder than usual for the past year or so. Pretty dusty too, cleaned only once about 2-3 years ago. Could dust build up be the problem?
I think it's only the CPU fan because I stuck an SPL meter(big audiophile :P) up to it and it was about 55 Decibels, rest of the PC was about 40-45 dB max.

Core 2 Duo E7300 w/ Stock heatsink/cooler
XFX 750i Motherboard
GTX 560 Ti
2 GB Kingston RAM
Cooler Master GX550 Power Supply Unit
Two Hard disk drives

Do you want a screenshot of HW Monitor?
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  1. you need to clean the dust out at least every year.
  2. Dust is always an issue pull out all components and clean the dust off all of them put them back check sound and if it hasnt help maybe the brushes on the fan of the CPU cooler have gone look at replacing the cooler.
  3. I'll try cleaning it but if that doesn't work then should I purchase a cheap cooler such as Cooler Master HYPER TX3 EVO for only $20?
    It's got relatively good reviews for a basic cooler, I think.

    Haven't replaced the thermal paste ever. Any noob guides for cleaning the PC(We don't have compressed air where we live) and re-applying thermal pastes out there?
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    you dont need a better cooler, you need your cooler to be working properly. just clean it and you will be fine.
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