Best 24" Asus Monitor Under or at 200$ Help


Im looking for a new 24" asus Monitor. I want it to have super low MS and input lag. I use it for gaming and need something with 60hz @ 1080p res, with super low MS 1 or even 2. Looking for an LED since LCD colors are terrible apparently. Any ideas on the VS247h-p?

Any other recommendations?
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    I'm in Australia and the only Asus 24" monitors I see under $200 are:
    ASUS VE248H( and ASUS VS248H(

    Both LEDs, 2ms.
    VS has 50m:1 Contrast compared to VE which is 10M:1
  2. I have the Asus VS247H-P. It's has a 23.6" display and 2ms response times for ~$150.
  3. Thanks for the input!
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