Win7 cannot uninstall programs anymore

It seems i cannot uninstall programs anymore. I think it is was/is caused by a fancy uninstalling program i had that is similar to revo uninstaller.

But this particular uninstaller i had disappeared from the menu's and desktop and who knows where else it use to be. I can only conclude it covertly expired / time out.

However, it seems to me that the capriciously designed program did not restore the standard uninstalling feature in win7.

Is there a way to restore win7's uninstalling feature?

Alternatively, i could execute a system restore point from 3 months ago - before installing that uninstaller. But this is not a good option for me at this time.

I also tried one of them "fix-it's" by Microsoft. But after downloading it and running, it came back with an error came citing the fix-it was no longer valid, per se. Reminds me of being handed an coupon with an expiration date printed in tiny virtually unreadable letters.

thanks for any ideas
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    Windows 7 Control Panel / Programs and Features (utility to uninstall a program) is a core function of Windows 7, based on the system registry (there is more to it, but that is the simple answer). It looks like something you used has created an issue with the system registry - and you might either have to do a roll back (system restore point) or reload the OS.
  2. ^ He's right. One good option would be to perform an in-place upgrade (reloading the os). This just repairs broken registries and system files in windows. You won't loose any data by doing this. This should fix any Windows system issues, but in the event this doesn't work, you won't have the restore point any longer.
  3. thanks for the idea's.

    i however, re-tried the microsoft fix-it, and it repaired (or restored) the uninstall feature in windows. based on what little data the fix-it was providing at the time, it seems that it focused on repairing some specific registry keys and it took a good 15 minutes.

    thanks again..
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