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Due to an issue with my brother constantly using the internet to play video games, my family has had to completely remove the router, thus leaving us without internet, which makes it very hard for me to get my online school done. My question is, how do I connect to the internet without the router. I have tried plugging my laptop into the plug in the wall where the router is usually located, but the ethernet connection in the wall is a different size than the one in my computer. I have deadlines in which I need to get my school work done, so I'm looking for a quick fix here. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Use the same method you used to post to this forum. :)

    Sounds like you have a dsl connection so you are out of luck no way to connect a computer directly to that
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    Sit down and have an "adult" conversation with your parents about your need for the Internet for school work, assuming that is actually your goal.

    If you have a router that supports Gargoyle from HERE that would be one solution that they could authorize only specific whitelist sites, but there are many other good solutions, for example completely blocking your addicted brother from Internet access with your current router configuration or dd-wrt firmware if that runs on your current router.

    Explain to Mom and Dad that good parenting should guide them to find a way to tame him while not hurting everyone.

    I would guess that a big part of the issue is educating parents, as they probably know little and just have to react by shutting it all down. My kids never had an technical advantage, at least until much later. :D
  3. If you have a seperate modem & router, you would need to plug your laptop into the modem, not the wall jack.
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