hp pavilion s5120f video card,. The onboard graphics section of my motherboard is not giving any video output, is there a gr

Is there a graphics card that would bypass the onboard graphics section of my motherboard? I am not getting a video output signal.
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  1. Yes your computer will accept a discrete graphics card. What do you use your computer for and how much is your budget? You will have to upgrade your power supply to power the graphics card though as you only have a 220watt. You will need a 300watt or over depending on the graphics card.
    Are you sure it's just a graphics problem? Is the rest of the system powering up okay?
    It would seem a shame to put a graphics card in it and it didn't work still
  2. I had it checked out and that was the only thing found to be wrong. I was contemplating replacing the motherboard so that the pc would be in it's original state.
  3. I use it mainly for email, documents and so on. I was just wondering if there is an alternative to replacing the motherboard.
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    The alternative is a new power supply and graphics card. If you tell me what country your in i will try and find your cheapest option
  5. I am in Barbados in the Caribbean
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