Can i5 3570K run 8gb 2133 ram?

Hey everyone,

I'm researching for a new build and I picked out an Intel i5 3570K for my dad.

I also just picked out this RAM to go with it.

Here is the problem.
Intel stated that the i5 3570K can only run ram at a maximum speed of 1600.
With my ram being 2133 will the cpu run it?
I picked it out because it's freakin' $53 right now which is awesome.
I won't mind if it will work but at lower speeds, considering ram speed doesn't impact performance all that much. I just want to know if everything will run well without any problems.
Anyone interested in the full build, here ya go:
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    yes, it can run pretty much any (ddr3) speed of RAM. As long as your motherboard supports it, it will work. It is an overclocked speed, so when you plug it in, it will run 1333 or 1600 but is rated to handle higher.

    Intel processors don't make much use of the higher speed, but it does make a small difference.
  2. 1600mhz. at stock

    and possibly 2133 overclocked , but not guaranteed .
  3. So, it won't hurt to install them?
    I just want it to work, no problems. You're saying if I put it in, it will just downclock to 1600MHz but not hurt anything, right?
  4. Yes that's correct.
  5. Thank you very much.
  6. No problem.
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