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This is my first build ever and its been about 2 weeks of hard research, posts and price cuts. You can check the build out here.

Now, if i can i want to OC my 3570k I heard its a very good proccesor to OC. Btw i made this mostly for gaming but a little bit of multitasking too, nothing heavy. Now i know about 1 thing about OCing, it speeds stuff up. Could someone tell me how good of a cooler i would need, if my MOBO is compatible and how to OC properly for the 3570k?
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    Well that depends on how high you are going to go with an overclock.
    On a stock cooler, i would be skeptical to push it passed 4.0 GHz.
    You can get a closed loop water cooler, pre-assembled for about $50, and that should serve you well.
    Should be able to push the MOBO and CPU combo to it's limits.

    One thing i am noticing, looking at your list here, your MOBO is a micro ATX, and your tower is a Mid Tower ATX.
    Will have a compatbility issue there.
  2. i can OC my 3570k to 4.2ghz without increasing voltage with a hyper 212 evo cooler and still keep the temps below 60 degrees
    with the same OC and using a cooler master seidon water cooler, it hasn't gone above 55 degrees
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