What is the best way to transfer many files between computers in a network?

I have about 30gb of music in my laptop and I want to free that space up. I have an old desktop which I could use to stream, but first I have to get the music into the desktop.
They're both in my house, both connected through wifi, so what would be the best way to transfer all of the files quickly?

Is there any cable I could use or just do it through wifi quickly? I lost my USB so I'm stuck with a 2GB one for now, so I don't really want to have to use it for the task.
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    You could just take the HDD with the music on it and plug it into the old one. Afterwards you can just put the HDD back in your other one.
  2. Share a folder on one or both. Select, Copy, Paste, let it run overnight.
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