Sound too quiet-acer aspire one

Sound too low on Acer Aspire one---turned up to maximum, but still to quiet watching everything except Skype, where sound OK.
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  1. that's just skype being silly. sometimes it forgets to bring the sound levels back up after a meeting. restart and it will work again.
  2. Thanks for your response, but that's not what I said. Sound works fine with Skype, it's videos and other stuff where I have a problem.
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    and as i said, skype some time acts up and thinks it knows better what to set your overall system sound level. restarting the pc sometimes resets this.

    alternatively use the vlc media player it lets you set the volume to boost the sounds of what's playing.
  4. Well, Skype wasn't the problem but I installed the vlc media player and that works a treat! Thanks.
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