Built new computer - when I try to power it on it will turn on for a half second to shut down.

As the title says, built a new computer and when i try to power it on it will power on for about .5 sec then power down. I also here a little zap noise but Im certain i have everything plugged in correctly

cpu- i5 3350p
mobo- asrock b75 pro3-m
ram- kingstone hyperX black 8gb ddr3
psu - raidmax rx-630ss 630w
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  1. im assuming the low quality power supply is your issue. do you have another psu to test with?
  2. I dont but I was just using the psu in my old computer, i guess I should get a new one?
  3. well if it worked in your old pc, i would think the psu is ok.
  4. I also hear a little zap but Im not sure if thats it trying to power on or a short, but I do know the have all the mobo risers on and in the proper position
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    try booting with no HDD or optical drive, and only one ram chip.
  6. thanks for the help but its just a case of extra stupid on my part when I thought I was turning the psu on I was actually turning it off -.- but thanks for trying to help =D
  7. lol, glad you figured it out. enjoy your pc.
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