Battlefield 4 crashing on AMD A8-3850 + GTX 660 ti

First off: yes, I understand that my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU. But that shouldn't mean it should crash Battlefield 4 on single + multiplayer less than 10 minutes in.

I've tried a lot of fixes and wondering if there's something about my CPU that's the problem. I know when you install a discrete GPU, the APU graphics are supposed to be disabled. Is there a way to manually do that? I think I've read problems of other people with APU + discrete GPU having problems.

For the record, all my other games perform very well.
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  1. Sorry if this is a useless response, but have you checked if your driver needs updating?
  2. This is a very common problem:(
    Are you using windows 7? Windows 8 users aren't suffering so much
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