Battlefield 4 76fps max with a old 9800 GX2 :D

I found a rather cool beefy looking graphics card in the garage. Its defo my brothers from many years ago. Now im a newbie to the PC/gaming scene so I had to do some youtubing/googeling to find out exactly how old it was and boy it seems this cards about 7 years old haha thought id hook it up just for fun was a little ify at first as I didn't know if it was faulty and could damage other components during the testing but though sod it lets just see what happens!

Hooked it up, everything booted up fine and then I installed the newest drivers from Nvidia and loaded up BF4!! Loool it actually plays on low settings giving me over 75fps!!!!! how does a 7 year old card do that lol. Some low end cards these days would struggle to give you that. Anyway thought id share my story if anyone wants me to record some gaming footage id be more than happy to and show you the full force of the 9800 GX2

Max 76fps
Avrge 55fps
min 45fps

Currently usng amd 1090t with 6gbddr3. I have a i5 2500k rig would I see better results with that :D
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  1. And what are the settings and resolution you are playing at?
  2. O sorry I should have mentioned that.

    1080p everything on Low.

    I made a few youtube videos earlier.
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