Water cooling (Asetek 510lc) or Air Cooling (Hyper 212 EVO)

So im buying a new pc but I need help in deciding between water or air cooling.

I won't be doing overclocking so I don't need a monster of a cooler, but a good one would be nice since I will be doing gaming (on an fx-6300)

Between the asetek 510lc and hyper 212 evo which one cools better (being quiet is a nice factor but it wont kill me as im upgrading from a dinosaur computer and have had to deal with loud fans for years so i'm accustomed to it lol)

Another really important thing is maintenance. Is there a lot of maintenance required for water cooling/would I have to replace the coolant and clean the tubes often? How often does water cooling break?

I really DO NOT want to have to deal with much maintenance

*keep in mind i'm a pc novice too so that is why i'm very weary.

and as a quick note, is applying thermal paste and installing an aftermarket cooler hard? I will have to settle for a stock cooler for a bit and buy the aftermarket (hyper 212 evo) a little bit later.
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  1. The Hyper 212 EVO is a better choice. It may be harder to install a heatsink than a AoI liquid cooler, but it's definitely the better buy.
    Since you're not overclocking, I don't think you'll need an aftermarket cooler.
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