If you had to choose: GTX 760 + i5-4670k vs R9 280 + AMD 8350

As title suggests, if you had to choose between GTX 760 + i5-4670k or a Radeon R9 280 + AMD 8350, which would you pick?

I understand the 4670 and r9 280 are superior in their categories, so basically I'm wondering which of the two combos would be better (although I'm sure there are more cost-efficient options, let's say for this purpose nothing else exists ;) )
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    What will you be doing with the rig - if primarily rendering I'd go the 8350 combo - if doing anything else (gaming, general computing, etc) I'd go the 4670K with the 760, prices on the 760 should drop again in late Jan so could pick up a second one and run SLI which would be far superior to the single 280X and have the superior CPU also ;)
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