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I have a problem regarding my internet connection. I have two PCs, one is besides my router and the other one is 50 meters away from the router. I bought this unmanaged switch because I'm using 2 PCs in my home and so that I can use surf either of these PCs. When I first connect the ethernet cable from 1 of my PC that's beside my router (Router to PC connection) the internet connection is ok. When I installed the switch (Router to Switch, Switch to PC connection) the internet connection is also ok. But when I tried the 50 meter ethernet cable (Switch to PC), it isn't connecting to the internet anymore. the yellow LED of the built in ethernet at the back of the PC is blinking almost every 5sec. When I direct the 50meter cable to the router (Router to PC) same thing happens. I'm using 2 straight though cables to my 2 PCs (Switch to PC). Those my 50meter cable have a problem? coz I know that the maximum length is 100meters. What's the meaning of the blinking LED every 5sec?Hope somebody can help me so that my other PC will be have an internet connection.
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  1. Router -> Switch -> devices.

    Should work. Is the second PC set to get an IP address via DHCP? Is the router set to serve up DHCP?
  2. I'm sorry but I'm newbie with regards to this :( .I don't know if the 2nd PC is already set to get an IP address via DHCP. All I know is that the IPV4 is set to auto. How to identify if my router is set to serve up DHCP?I have another question. I'm confused, why is it that the my ethernet cable (the 1 connected to the 1st PC) can connect to the internet while the 2nd ethernet cable(50meters long) can't connect to internet if I connect directly from router to PC. I already tested the cable and all the lines are ok. I only notice that if the 50meter ethernet cable is connected, the LED in the build-in ethernet at the back of the PC is blinking every 5sec and if the other cable is connected, the LED light steadily and the internet connection is stable
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    Either the port is bad or the cable is bad. Try a different port and a different cable. Does the network card show no cable connected or just no internet access? Need some details as to what is happening on the computer with the issue. Did you try the longer cable on both computers and the short cable on both computers? That will rule out a cable issue. If long cable does not work on both systems, cable issue, if you also tried the same working port on the router.
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