AMD FX-6300 compatible with Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866

Well, I did all this research, and I just started buying these parts. My cpu and Ram came in today.
So I googled it up.
They say the memory is compatible with AMD, but there will be some kind of performance decrease.
ASRock 990FX Extreme3 ATX AM3+/AM3 is the motherboard.
Am I compatible with this ram?
And how much of a performance decrease is there?
Like this is clocked in 1866.
What will it be now? (Estimate)
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  1. yes sir that ram and this mobo and cpu is all compatible.

    theyre will not be a decrease in performance.

    ur cpu and mobo are not intel provided. so i dunno why u wrote this.

    all is well here.
  2. It may refer to the fact that AMD has weaker MCs (memory controllers) than do Intel CPUs and not all FX CPUs can even handle 1866
  3. dont all fx support 1866mhz ram and what u mean weaker memory controllers?
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    According to the AMD BIOS and Kernal Programming Guide, the FX MCs are rated to 1333If actually rated for 1866 they should be able to handle a fully populated mobo with 1866, yet the FXs are rated by AMD as for UP TO 1866 at 1 DIMM PER CHANNEL - and that testing was done with 4GB sticks...You can take most any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Gen Intel CPU and run it side by side with an FX CPU and will see better memory results with the Intels - also while AMD OCable CPUs top at at about 8 maybe 16GB of 2133, Intel K models (OCable) can typically run 32GB from 2133 up through 2800+
  5. So what will it be at? 1333?
  6. u can run it at 1866mhz im pretty shur dude
  7. With 2 sticks, it should prob be able to run at 1866, initially was just explaining the statement about a decrease, as explained above
  8. thanks for the clarification i dunno why amd memory controllers are weak they could of made them better. wasnt aware of this i usually use intel so i wouldnt know.

    i hope for steamroller and so on theyre gonna have better mcs ;)

  9. That's one reason I build on Intel, AMD doesn't put enough into R&D, they seem to depend on over-hype advertising and gimmicks rather than sinking money into their actual product lines
  10. Yes keep it simple less hassle and less gimmicks more power I like it
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