New Motherboard/CPU combo using old ram etc

Hey everyone,
Looking at upgrading a burnt out mobo/cpu/most likely video card.

Approximate Purchase Date:next two weeks.

Budget Range: Ideally would like a mobo/cpu combo under $250 american. And a mobo/cpu/vid card combo around $500-700.

System Usage from most to least important:gaming(SC2,Guild Wars2, WoW)surfing the web,movies.

Are you buying a monitor:No

Parts to Upgrade: Motherboard,CPU,Possibly vid card(currently looking at using the old DDR3 ram, 120gig internal harddrive, mid range dell inspiron560 tower,650W PSU)

Do you need to buy OS: No/Windows 7 is currently being ran.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:Any websites.

Location: City, State/Region, Country - New Orleans,LA USA

Parts Preferences: by brand or type (e.g.: I would like to upgrade to Intel CPU) No preference. Best bang for the buck ideally

Overclocking:Maybe(Would be nice, but since my friend is braindead about computers its not a big deal as I would be doing the overclocking.)

SLI or Crossfire: Not required, for his gaming needs he isn't using multi monitors or having a need to run 2 Graph cards.

Your Monitor Resolution: ??

Additional Comments/Why Are You Upgrading: Friend installed a new video card/2 more harddrives and cpu without upgrading PSU first.. Wore out the PSU and it quite literally melted in his box... I will be reussing the corsair dd3 ram(currently have 4 sticks) the video monitor(monitor for gaming//projecter for movies)
Thanks again everyone for help/input/comments.
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