my com's turned on 1 sec and goy auto restart everyday help :)

hi guys. sorry for my english! my computer got a big bug :) com running fine but its didnt turned on and restart automatically everyday, ill use "how to clear cmos" and its not working this bug is sucks me everyday wth? how to fix it its maybe my power supplies or videocard ? my board is work fine

sabertoothz 77 with i3 2100 3.10
elite 500 cm psu
corsair 8gb dual vengeance ram
asus gtx550ti
120gb ssd samsung
seagate 1000tb hhd
cm elite x6 cooler
cm elite 430 case

help me pls :)
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  1. Probably PSU or software related.
    What errors are you experiencing in event log? (Start -> Right click on computer -> manage -> event viewer -> windows logs -> system)
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