No internet! Works for every computer except for one.

I just recently ugpraded my belkin router to a belkin n150 and internet is working on every computer except for one. It's running W7, when ipconfig is typed in I get a goofy ipv4 adress that is different than the rest, this is what it looks like

I have DSL, the computer will take a direct connection from the modem and work fine, and it worked fine with the old router but for some reason it wont work with this new one.

here is my ipconfig -all(typed it all out)
ipconfig -all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name - Lorelai
Primary Dns suffix - blank
Node Type - Hyrbid
IP Routing Enabled - No
Wins Proxy Enabled - No
System Quarantine State - Not restricted

Ether Adapted local area connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix - Blank
Description - Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Physical Adress - 48-5B-39-A6-C6-03
DHCP Enabled - Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled - Yes
Autoconfiguration IPV4 address -
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway - Blank
Netbios Over TCPIP - Enabled

Tunnel Adapter Local Area Connection* 11

Media State - Media disconnected
Connection-specific DNS suffix - Blank
Description - Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface
Physical Address - 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0
DHCP Enabled - No
Autoconfiguration Enabled - Yes
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  1. Best answer - This IP address means that your computer could not contact the DHCP server (the device that automatically assigns IP addresses to your nodes). is self assigned from your machine.

    Do the other devices in your home use DHCP? It could be that your DHCP pool (the pool of IP's that your DHCP server dishes out) isn't big enough and it has run out of addresses. If this is the case, you need to increase the pool size to include more addresses. This can be done in the router settings (assuming the router is the DHCP server.
    Or it could be that your other devices have static IP's that luckily work with the old & new router - but the new router has DHCP disabled?

    I'm also assuming you have reboot your PC to ensure it has flushed it's IP settings ok (or you've dona a ipconfig /release - ipconfig /renew)
  2. Try a different port and a different cable. Swap the cable with a computer that IS working now, reboot the computer, see if it works.
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