New graphics card gave new problems

So I upgraded from a Radeon HD 5830 to a GTX 660. Since then I've been getting problems.

First, it felt like the GTX 660 did not perform any better than the 5830. Then after a couple hours and couple of restarts, the GTX 660 started to perform worse than the 5830. I put the 5830 back in and the performance is still crap, worse than before I first installed the 660.(So I'm guessing another component of my PC is causing the problems)

Then my computer started having problems, including randomly shutting off and slower performance in tasks that are not related to graphic processing.

I reinstalled my computer and wiped all my hard drives just in case any virus is causing the problems, yet the problem remains. My game performance is still terrible. In Metro Last Light I'm getting like 10 fps on medium settings.

Also, sometimes when I power on the PC, it would first shut off. Then restart back up, make a longer-than-usual beep sound and slowly turns on. (Maybe a problem with my power supply)

Honestly I have no idea what's going on and can't identify which component is causing the problems. Right now the PC is working fine, but game performance is crap and it feels like the PC's general performance with other tasks is slower than when I still had the 5830.

I doubt this is a software problem because I've reformatted all of my hard drives, so this must be a hardcore problem then?

P.S. GTX 660 uses less power than the 5830.
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  1. What are your CPU and GPU temps under load?

    Also, what is your PSU? (brand/model)
  2. tiny voices said:
    What are your CPU and GPU temps under load?

    Also, what is your PSU? (brand/model)

    My PSU is rosewill green series 530 watts. This PSU has been working fine for me for 2 years already along with the 5830.

    And how do I check the temp of my CPU and GPU under load?
  3. Run a game or preferably a benchmark/stress test. (Prime95 for CPU and MSI Kombustor for GPU). Check the temps during the tests to see what they peak at.
  4. Oh I just found out something.

    I did the Windows Performance Index rating (ranges from 1.0 - 7.9) and here is what I found...

    RAM - 7.1
    Gaming graphics - 7.8
    Hard Disk - 6.8
    Processor - 4.7

    My processor is Intel i5-2500. I remember it scored like 7.5 the first time I did it when I first got it. So this is a problem with my processor
  5. Yes, you need to see what its temps are under full load. Perform the stress test and check temps during.
  6. Should I still do a temps test, or is there something I can do to directly solve the problem?

    edit: ok I just saw your msg, I'm on it now
  7. Alright so the temperature for my CPU is really F-ed. I ran Prime95 and the temp rose to 99 degrees Celcius. Now my CPU is running at like 0-10% and the temp is staying at like 80-90 degrees celcius.

    I checked and the fan works fine (I use the stock heat sink). But the temperature is going through the roof. Maybe there are some problems with the fan settings that makes it not automatically adjust to spin faster when the CPU is hotter?
  8. Best answer
    Is the thermal paste applied correctly?
  9. Thanks for the help tiny voices. I realized the CPU heatsink is loose and basically not cooling down the CPU at all. Fixed that problem and temp is running good now.
  10. Glad we could get it sorted out!
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