I dont know if I can install a 4TB HDD in my computer I dont know if it will recognise it

I am wanting to buy a 4TB HDD and install it just to have strictly for my Steam folder and games I have done a bit of research on my MOBO and it says I can have up to 3 HDD but under 2TB for each HDD. I have looked in the Bios settings and I cant really tell if there is something in there that I might be able to change so it will work if it doesnt. I dont want to spend the money on it if it will not work. The HDD I am wanting to install is a internal WD Black 7200RPM

my computer specs are:
Intel I7 2600 Processor
8GB of RAM
Windows 7 64Bit OS
EVGA Geforce GTX 460 1GB

my MOBO is just a standard board since I bought a prebuilt computer then just replaced some parts a year and a half later

The Original computer was this
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    If the info says max capacity per drive is 2TB, that's exactly what it means. There will be nothing in the existing BIOS to overcome that because it's not just a BIOS issue. The limit is imposed also by certain areas of the hardware.
  2. Got to the motherboard manufactuer's web site and look for a bios update. Read the change log for the bios as it should mention large drive support or something similar.
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