Constant Stutter (Inspiron 1420, Intel Core Duo T7300, nVidia GeForce)

Upon startup two hours ago, my pc began to stutter. Every couple of seconds, the screen freezes for a split second and the audio stutters.

As is, the thing is only good for text processing and facebooking. Not exactly ideal. I don't think it's a software problem - the pc even stutters during startup as it's booting Windows XP.

Does anyone have any clue what's causing this?
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  1. Hi
    The most common reason is alot dust in the cooling radiator plates.
    The dust is "chocking " you CPU or GPU and the temp start to rize as the CPU FAN RPM`s also ......
    After some time the FAN hit 100% but the temp is continue to rize - no airflow is preventing from lowering the temp ....
    So it comes to point that the CPU is reaching over 80 -85 degree and there the thermal self prezerving the CPU /GPU system is working lowering the CPU/GPU core clock and trying to save it from overheat .....
    It`s not far from thermal cut off ......

    In short you Laptop need clenning and maintenance !
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