My 2.5" hard drive is not detected by my laptop's usb 2.0 port

Hello, i am using a USB 2.0 external hard drive with lots of data on it. I do not wish to reformated it or erase/reset it. My laptop does not recognize the disk even if i wait 1 hour. usually i used to wait 2 minutes for the drive to show up. I am using the sata power cable and the sata connection from the drivers sata socket to the laptops USB 2.0 port.

I have tried this: taking my hard drive out of its usb enclosure, then inserting it into my laptop inside as an internal hard drive. Everything works and i am able to boot from it however when externally connected, the unit shows a BLUE light but there is still no drive showing up in windows 7 x64 ultimate.
I have tried navigating to disk managment or trying to use other good knon 3rd part disk utilities/tools but they still NEVER ever work.

Please can someone show me the best way to make the drive function without additional software?

The usb ports on my laptop are visable from device manager and if i connect other usb sticks they are recognized also if this hdd is connected internally it works but why coulnt it work externally?

These 2 hard drives are:

1 - western digital scorpio blue WD1600BEVT-75ZCT2\


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    Sounds to me like the bridge chip PCB inside the external enclosure may be faulty so I would buy another enclosure.
  2. or your usb ports cant supply enough power to run the drive.
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