What combination of CPU&GPU is better for gaming rig?

Should I go with FX 8350 + R9 270x GPU or i5 4670k + gtx 660 (other components same or similar : 2x4gb RAM, 1TB HDD + 120 GB SSD. mobo in same price range for either CPU etc.)? If you think some other combination is better, please post it.

I can spend around 800$ for it and right now, I am confused with informations about these two components and which one is better :)
Thanks in advance, guys :)
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  1. FX 8350 + R9 270x is a better option in my opinion. Especially if mantle proves to be a good thing.

    Or you can save money on the CPU, by getting FX 8320, and add some to get r9 280x. It should be 50-60$ plus difference from 8350+270x
  2. Up until couple of days ago, I was 100% Intel fan, all the way :) After numerous posts where people say AMD is pretty fine for that money right now, I am really close to change my opinion :) R9 270x is probably best I can get here in Serbia though, 280x is way too expensive :) FX 8320 will not be a bottleneck for some time ? I plan to use PC for some gaming, internet, nothing that demand some serious multi tasking though, thats why I thought Intel is maybe better, but expensive, solution.
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    If your main purpose was gaming, then I'd suggest FX 6300 + r9 280x which should fit well within your budget. However, if you are not going to play demanding games at high settings, then you might settle with i5 4570 + 270x. No need for 4670k since I assume you won't be doing overclocking(because you won't use the PC for any serious gaming or rendering).
  4. Intel + nvidia would be better
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