Connecting 6 pin and 2+6 pin PSU to two 8pin GPU (Sapphire R9 280x Vapor-X )


I am planning of building a new PC with a Sapphire R9 280x Vapor-X GPU. The issue I have is that this GPU requires two 8 pin connectors, whereas, the PSU that I currently have (FSP Epsilon 600W) has one 6 pin and one 2+6 pin connectors,

I understand that we can use adapters from 6 pin to 8 pin (or molex to 8 pin), but I'm concerned if there will be any adverse effects on my new components. Im thinking that my PSU is powerful enough so I should be OK?

Below are the details of my PSU:

If all fails then I'll have to purchase a new PSU, something like a Corsair CX600.

Appreciate your help.
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    Power supply gives 8 pin connectors exclusively for PCI Ex cards. if your PSU could support a card which requires 2 8 pin connectors it would have those connectors available. If your PSU has only one 6 pin and one 8pin (6+2) connector, i believe it cannot support a card which requires 2 8 pin connectors. I would recommend not using the card with some 6 pin to 8 pin adapter. The amount of power delivered will not be enough and that might cause issues.

    Also i can't see that your PSU is 80+ certified. It might not even have a high efficiency which will make it even more risky to run the card. Please buy a new one, do not run the card with this PSU.
  2. Well I have been reading that at times using adapters work and at times it doesn't, hence my dilemma.

    I ended up purchasing an Antec HCG-620M to be on the safer side.
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