reinstall of Windows XP Professional on 32 bit desktop and add Linux Ubuntu on C drive partition

I bought the computer in 2008, it worked great, I did some video editing of NY 9/11 Truth meetings on it (using SONY Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker). I did a few reinstalls of the Windows XP Professional operating system, which worked out well. Now, because of some varying performance with XP, I'm considering doing another reinstall of XP, or trying a dual boot capability, with XP Professional on one C drive partition and Linux Ubuntu (or other) on the other partition. (I've used Ubuntu on a 32 bit Toshiba Laptop Satellite Pro L300, and it was great; however, I've now got the original Windows Vista back because of needed Windows programs).

The Desktop shows:
Local Disk (C:) Properties File System: NTFS, Capacity: 100 GB, Used space: 40.8 GB, Free space: 59.7 GB.

I'm wondering if the dual boot/dual operating system will be feasible/advisable, or create more problems than it is worth. I understand that I'll have to install Windows first, then Ubuntu, since Windows is a "hog", and will erase Ubuntu, if I install Ubuntu first. I've already experienced this with the Toshiba laptop, and decided to keep only Vista and not Ubuntu, also, in a dual boot. It might be nice to have the dual boot (Ubuntu/XP Professional) on the desktop, if both would run well; otherwise, forget that, and Windows XP Professional, only, on the desktop.

The main reasons for considering the XP reinstall are:

1)It's been possibly since 2008-2009 since the last XP Professional reinstall

2)The computer works fine with e-mail and web, initially, when I boot up and start using it. Then, after a period of time, with multiple windows of e-mail/web open, it suffers a substantial degradation of performance. Web pages don't even load, and those spinning arrows, in multiple windows, indicating web pages are "uploading" come to be in every window, and I get no web pages, at all. Furthermore, the disk drive light goes into continuous overdrive, the computer starts to sound like a racing engine, it feels hot at the back, and I know this can burn out a computer. Also, recently, just opening Sony Vegas Pro took about 20 minutes. I know it's a big program and I recall it used to take up to one minute to upload (possibly up to 2 minutes), but never approaching this long. I did a number of file cleanups of the C: drive, defrags using Windows disk defrag, and CompuClever's PC Clean Maestro, and PC Tune Up Maestro (which also has a registry defragmenter, which I did), and there was some improvement in performance, but this problem of the hot, loud running of the disk seems to come in after ~ 15-20 minutes of use, and then I can't access the Internet. Also, the opening of Sony Vegas Pro is not as quick as it used to be, now around 5 minutes, possibly.

If it's definite that I need a complete reinstall, possibly you could give me some tips, links to best websites about doing a reinstall. I'm also concerned about where, and how, to get the most up to date drivers, in case some are outdated, and the best way to find exactly what those drivers might be from device manager, or whatever. Sorry for the long post.

Bob Thorne
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