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Hey guys!

For the I7-4770k i was looking for a good motherboard, but i'm having doubts seeing some people say the one i want to buy is really not worth the price.

So i would love to buy the Asus Maximus VI Hero. Seems like a solid board to me with nice audio(180Euro)

And on the other hand the GIGABYTE GA-Z87-HD3. 90 euro.

Will there be any difference for me? Will the Hero OC better or maybe handle temperatures better? Or is there anything that justifies the extra 90 euro? i could also save this 90 euro and put it on a new GPU or w/e.

Would love to get some help here guys! Thank you all!
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  1. How about the MSI Z87-GD65 gaming/Asus Z87 PRO 3.
    If u want to spend that much on a mobo then would a msi Z87 MPower be good?
    How much are u willing to send? pls give more details :)
  2. 180 is max on my mobo. So would the ROG board do justice for this price or would i be at the same point with the cheaper 90 euro board? As some have claimed on google xD
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    Is it the (ga z87x hd3)?? because that's all i could find. Doesn't look like there's much difference except a few features like the hero looks like a boss up against that ugly ass gigabyte board plus the hero has 2x extra sata, better onboard sound and thats about it. I personally would go for the asus but if you on the budget and don't care about looks or sound quality than just get the gigabyte!!
  4. Well it really looks HAWT! and indeed, the sound is something that really draws me into! Thank you very much!
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