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Hi eveyone, I need some help with a graphics card upgrade for my dell studio xps 8100. I've had this computer for a few years and I'm not getting the gaming graphics I used to. I know a little about computers but my main question is what is the best graphics card I could get? I just don't know what would be compatible with my computer or how to tell.

On the dell upgrade calculator is says the best would be an HD 7750 or a R7 240, but these cards is a little old at this point and I would like to get something current. Also, dell does not list psu upgrades so I am a bit lost on how to choose these besides wattage.

I would be open to getting a new power supply to support a new graphics card.

My system:
Intel core i7 - 860 quad core
6gb ddr3
HD 5450 1gb video card
350w psu

If you need anymore info pls ask, I'd appreciate the help. Also, I am willing to spend $400-500. Should I just go with the dell recommendations? (which one, and keep in mind this is for gaming.) I'd like to get a current card but I just don't know what will work in my system.
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  1. Which games do you play? Perhaps Radeon HD 7850 would do the trick. You'll definately have to upgrade your PSU as well. I had a Dell XPS 8100 for 3 years myself. Upgraded the GPU to 6870, sister still uses it. Tell me what kinds of games you play and i could direct you further.
  2. I play pretty much all types of games except sports and casual. I prefer Fallout 3 type games. Most recently, I've been playing Bioshock infinite and COD ghosts. While Fallout 3 ran ok at higher settings, I'm running into problems now with having to reduce COD and Bioshock to almost the lowest settings.

    Basically, I'd like to get a new card that will help me play the next generation of games.

    edit: wasn't thinking, yeah Fallout 3 runs well but its older. meant to say Skyrim, which I can run at med settings. Anyway, games like that, first person shooters/ rpgs.
  3. Mmm. Might be so, that you have to upgrade your CPU as well so you won't bottleneck the GPU. I'm not sure how i7 860 manages with games. I'll have to look into it tomorrow. Do you plan on getting Battlefield 4? That game seems to be quite CPU heavy.
  4. Hmm, how do you check for a bottleneck? Probably won't get Battlefield 4.
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