Gigabyte z87x-UD4H vs ASUS Maximus VI Hero

I can't choose between these two. I know both are good. What is the difference?
CPU Cooler will be CM Hyper 212 EVO & RAM will be Corsair Vengeance PRO 2x4GB. I don't want any fitting issues you know what I mean? Please help me out. :) Thanks!
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  1. id go with the hero better overclocking capabilities :), and looks gorgeous cheers
  2. The Asus would be my choice as well, basic ROG board with all the necessary features for max overclock.
  3. well put mr.rolli
  4. will there be any fitting problems? I mean I'll go with EVO 212 and Corsair Vengeance Pro.
  5. Best answer
    Should not be! The fan on the 212 can be slid up a few mm to accommodate ram.
  6. should be good.
  7. Thanks. :)
  8. eggcellent
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