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About to build my first custom loop. I've done alot of research and have been considering this for quite some time. However since it is my first loop I want to get someone elses opinion and make sure i have everything i need to do this properly. Here's my cart from and i will list what i plan to do with this as well. If there is anything I am missing or if anyone has any better suggestions please feel free to give feedback.

i am using the cooler master Cosmos II case. the triple 120mm fan will be top mounted with 3 of these fans in pull config and 2 in push. only 2 because a third would cover my cpu 6pin port. the 140mm rad will be rear mounted with the stock case fan to push air out.

i will use the quick disconnect and t splitter to run a drain line out the back of the case should i have to drain the loop someday.
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    Yes it will work, can you please put the names of the components directly into your post next time? It really helps us; thanks :) Also, I recommend an XSPC AX series radiator, as they are excellent for the money but other than that, its perfect.
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