Someone locked me out of regedit

Ok so one of my friends sent me a link to help my game run better so I downloaded it and when doing that I found a Trojan on my laptop and I scan my pc right away....but now I cant get on regedit and I am really worried...what can they take from there I had my game key stolen once and I don't want to loose it again
plz help this is the only place I now where to ask

thank you so much
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  1. what error message are you getting?
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    First thing I would try is a system restore to see if you can restore to a point before this happened.

    I think we all learned something here. Don't trust your friend.

    I have not seem too many things outside of maybe game booster that may help users with older/slower systems run some games better.
  3. I fixed it but I might restore it because I a beyond worried

    thanks for the help
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