how to transfer large video files to a seagate 3.5 tb backup and play on a samsung smart tv

Need help transfer video files larger than 4 gigs to drive it keeps failing
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  1. Did you format the Seagate FAT32. If so, then the max size is going to be 4GB. Go NTFS

    This is a pretty clear explanation of format types and limitations;
  2. You going to need to read the TV's manual and make sure the videos are in a format the TV can play.
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    Most Seagate external HDD's come formatted NTFS w/ a proprietary version of Paragon NTFS for Mac & other non Windows/NTFS systems. My bus powered 1TB Seagate Backup Plus was able to plug & play into Samsung Smart TV via the "HDD" specific USB port & read a multimedia volume of just <500GB's and display the directory as a root folder on TV screen. (No additional software or peripherals used, access gained by "AllShare", standard Mftr. Remote used to browse) from said directory I was able to access/playback .mkv files of 720p & 1080p in file sizes of both 4.97 & 2x that (BlueRay) w/ no prior formatting & w/o a Codec translator. (Such as VLC, etc) I did experience 20-30 seconds of severe block distortion at the very beginning & end of playback (almost exclusively credits, & thus not bothersome enough to attempt a workaround) as well as very minor (based on individual preference) pixelation during certain scenes throughout the movie, which was mild in nature but which has brought me here looking for a solution/workaround. From previous forums it appears this was caused by the variances present in different types of .mkv files, & the "striping" of the audio layers at the header & footer of the file. However, as I mentioned the Seagate drive was plug & play, no FAT32/File formatting needed, & the drive had been accessed/read/written to by both Windows AND Mac HFS+ prior to playback without any formatting. (Due to Paragon proprietary plugin, which can be seen as an "Other/Extension" on a Mac OSX (Mountain Lion) System Preferences Pane, near the bottom & usually coupled w/ Adobe's free PDF Reader. Hope this helps. Good Luck. (If anyone has info on my pixelation/color issues during playback &/or during 1st & last 20-30 seconds please post/LMK. Thanks, & Happy New Year to all)
  4. Caliph Fiveg said:
    Need help transfer video files larger than 4 gigs to drive it keeps failing
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