installed BCD software. wanted to switch between windows 64 bit and32 bit systems,each on seperate drives.

Problem is that Windows boot manager comes up with "Boot manager looking for..File: \boot\BCD
Status 0xc0000098"
Info "windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry"
hitting enter does nothing,
trying to boot from disk, using bios but just comes up with "Boot Manager screen" again.
Would trying to start in Safe Mode Help?
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  1. there is no reason that i can see to do this.32 bit software will run on 64bit os. i would lose the 32bit os.
  2. I will just refer to one of my standard questions:
    "Why are you trying to do this?"
  3. because some of my programs work only on 32 bit os.
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    Instead of using the boot loader to determine which OS to boot, I'd use the bios. Connect only one drive to the motherboard and install win 7 32 bit. Disconnect that drive and attach the other drive and install win 7 64 bit onto it. Now connect both drives to the motherboard and use your bios (F2, F12, or whatever your motherboard uses) to select the boot drive. This also makes it easier to remove one of your OS's later if it's no longer required.

    If you have additional storage drives, make sure only the drive you are installing the OS onto is connected to the motherboard. After all OS's are installed, then you can connect any remaining drives.
  5. what programs do you have that will not work on 64bit?
  6. I suggest either just selecting the required boot drive in the BIOS (as suggested above), or look into Compatibility mode, or the virtual XP Mode.
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