What is better, Pentium dual-core 2.6Ghrz, Or Core 2 Dou 2.2?

I have a MSI 0A90 [Intel 936GZ (Broadwater-GZ)+ICH7] Mother Board, Gigabyte GeForce 7300GS (256MB DDRII PCIE), 3GB (2+1) DDRII RAM and running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. Currently using the Core 2 Dou (E4500) 2.2Ghrz. Is it worth it to exchange between the two (E4500 and E5300)? Will it make a difference, and in case it will, how big?
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  1. What are the model numbers of each CPU?
  2. ^ Specs updated ^
  3. It will be a little faster but not allot. I would recommend a newer core2 duo if you have to stay with that board.

    40 bucks gets you an almost top of the line e8400 look into your board to see if it supports quad that would be the biggest jump

    55 gets you fasted dual e8600
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    The best CPU his board supports is a E6700, the difference between the E4500 and the pentium E5500 would add a few frames in a game but it would n't bring a big difference.

    The difference between the core 2 duo e4500 and the e6700 has around the same performance difference but is slightly better at multi tasking
  5. I am completely broke and I have to use what I'v got. Literaly, no money. Thanks anyway.
  6. Well then the pentium will perform better out of two.
  7. Thank you both, you guys are awesome!
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