Cannonical still updating usrland U_10.04LTS

Again an OS **update** notice appeared in my UPDATE-MANAGER ; I said yes of-course and the update Linux kernel v_2.6.32.54 dropped in without issue. Usually I get taskbar display of a RED-TRIANGLE .. outaluck fella.

Of-course Ubuntu UM constantly nagsnagsnags for me to UPGRADE to U_12.04, but I'm quite attached to GNOME-2 ... and having tried, I feel MATE isn't as transparent as its fans declare!

Will ultra.stable U_10.04LTS run forever ?? Can I expect to be buried much older and no wiser under visions of ELECTRICSHEEP dancing on my Hanns_28"? Will I EVER try to flash the ancient v_1.4 MSI_gd70 BIOS? Idunno. Lusrs have been known to drop dead immediately after a flash-gone-wrong bricks their mobo!

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  1. You seem to bring this up every few months. 10.04LTS Server is supported, and will be updated, until 2015.
  2. Yes, for benefit of the THW *nix community I do report the surprising Ubuntu updates. When it happens I document. Surprising I say --- as I do **NOT** have installed Ubuntu **server**. I do have installed a generic usrland Ubuntu 10.04LTS desktop OS. Possibly Canonical does NOT distinguish between server and desktop OS versions.

    That's fine with me. Had other THW Ubuntu users reported that **their** usrland Ubuntu was updated I would have nothing to report ... but I have seen no such report(s) on THW. Possibly the population density of Linux users is so small even on TOMS that my mutant system is a unique artefact.

    Ijack said:
    You seem to bring this up every few months. 10.04LTS Server is supported, and will be updated, until 2015.
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    For God's sake, man - calm down and spare us all the asterisks.

    We have the message by now; Ubuntu still supports 10.04 LTS. The fact that you have seen no reports of users of !0.04 Desktop seeing updates probably means that - whatever you think - you have 10.04 Server installed. Big deal.

    Please take it for granted from now on that we know that your Ubuntu installation is still being updated but have little need to be reminded at regular intervals. It's really not a topic of interest to anyone else but yourself. (And, again, cut down on the asterisks everywhere; it makes you look just a little unbalanced.)
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