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I plan on buying an AMD video card in the $200-300 price range. I also plan on going Crossfire in the future with the money that I make from mining... However, I am new to the idea of Bitcoins, so I am not sure if I will even be able to make any money to begin with.

My question is this: Which AMD card is worth its cost for Bitcoin mining, if any? I am talking initial cost plus power consumption. Thinking generally here, will I be able to make money from Bitcoin mining? I also plan on doing some high end gaming with these cards, so if the prospect of making money mining is nothing more than a pipe dream, I think that it will suite me best to simply buy a 280X because I don't plan on taking money from the bank to buy another card for quite some time!

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  1. You're better off buying 200-300 lottery tickets. =)

    The Bitcoin money train has come and gone. The train only goes by once.
  2. What of Litecoin mining?
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    I've done extensive research on bitcoin and now you can only mine those with Asic machines
    but bitcoins are by far the hardest currency to mine

    Now litecoin is something you can use video cards for, but you'll have to spend from $400 to $1000
    per card since there is a HUGE shortage of cards due to the fact everyone is trying to mine for litecoin

    Litecoin can be compared to silver and Bitcoin to gold

    If you want a rough estimate on how much you can make mining litecoin here's a chart:

    The other dilemma is you can't use just any video card because some of them do not work effectively
    to mine the litecoin..what you're looking for is how many kh/s or hash rate one card produces

    If you want to have a real chance to actually make money mining litecoin, you need to be in the
    3000 kh/s range

    Also you can trade up your litecoin for bitcoins once you've mined enough to do so..

    The best cards for mining litecoin are Sapphire and MSI both using AMD

    You can't go below a R9 280x card or you're just wasting your time since it's just getting more
    and more competitive now..

    So expect to pay between $3000 and $5000 for a Litecoin mining rig and that's if
    you do it all yourself..add another $500 to $1000 if someone does it for you.

    Hope this helps :)
  4. Intervenator said:
    What of Litecoin mining?

    About litecoin mining, this is something very similar to bitcoin yet very profitable. Take note that profitability depends on how efficient your CPU (or GPU),AMD graphics cards are really good at. Also, there's no guarantee that its value will increase rapidly.
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  5. Litecoins have stagnated. Unless you have free electricity (or it's included in your rent), then don't even bother.
  6. Bitcoins you can just forget it. They can only be mined by FPGA/ASIC now

    Litecoins are still "minable" and you might be able to make a bit. But don't expect to get rich on it or anything
  7. skit75 said:
    You're better off buying 200-300 lottery tickets. =)

    The Bitcoin money train has come and gone. The train only goes by once.

    LOL. There's a sucker born every minute. Bitcoins may or may not fold, but rest assured that digital currencies will be around a while. And they'll be hacked, and there still won't be any law enforcement for the flat reason there's no reason at all for law enforcement to do anything, even if they could, which they can't. But that's absolutely NOT to say I won't mine the darn things, I'd just never never ever spend a penny on buying one. And isn't it peculiar that the same general groups that love the idea of physical backing for money ALSO love the idea of nonphysical digital currency? People are funny, that's just a fact.
  8. You really needed to dig up a thread from last year you post your inane rant?
  9. Don't expect to get rich off the stuff,you'll be lucky to just get even with your setup costs and electricity. I guess people just want to be cool and edgy with a new currency though.
  10. Aww, didn't like my comment so it's an inane rant. Tsk. I'm totally crushed. Or I would be, if "I" had ridden the bitcoin market down from 1200 to 400. LOL.
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