Dell Vostro 260MT needs new CPU

Dell Vostro 260 MT Owners Manual Go to the Specifications Sheet and check out the H61 express mobo.

Can I use a G2020 to replace the i3-2120? ...Friend just has one laying around...
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  1. That pentium is slower on the cpu side of things compared to the i3 but i should fit in the same socket and it should work with a bios update if dell has provided one.
  2. Should I contact dell support?
  3. Look around on the internet for a bios update for your PC
  4. jay_nar2012 said:
    Look around on the internet for a bios update for your PC
    Thanks for the suggestion, Jay. You have been helping me every time I post a question.

    I found [Dell] Drivers for Vostro 260s.

    I am not sure which updates to install. Which BIOS download should I choose?

    Should I consider any of the other driver updates?
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    From what i can tell, the A10 BIOS update is the latest one.

    Here is the link to it -
  6. Just got off phone with dell support with bad news. Pentium CPUs will not work with this particular motherboard in my dell Vostro 260 (i3-2120, ST250DM000-1bd141 HDD, H61 mtherboard, etc.)

    Would it hurt to try installing it anyway?
  7. No, if it doesn't work then it would throw a couple or beeps and flash some lights and won't turn on.

    If it does work, which it should then it would boot, just make sure you have thermal paste.
  8. I just went ahead and installed the g2020 with the GTX 650TiB. I know it's a hit in CPU performance, but it's already in with paste and fan. I will try the g2020 in the Dell Vostro someday just to see if it'll work in there. It'll be kinda cool to compare the benchmarks of g2020 and the i3-2120. I'll make a little addition, in the future, when I switch
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